Take a one day, or multiple days trip, to a remote, sparsely populated island of Salt Cay–just a 30 minute flight from Provo and step way back in time. It’s the last stop on the migratory path of the humpback whales as they head south from the North Atlantic for the winter January thru March. Here, the deep Atlantic emerges close to shore and makes Salt Cay an ideal place for the whales to calve and mate before taking the journey back north again. It is simply breathtaking to view these magnificent cetaceans in the wild from a boat or the shore. But even outside the whale watching season, Salt Cay is one mellow, wildly beautiful island with its historic salt ponds, quiet, old streets and houses, fabulous shoreline vistas, and magnificent reefs and shipwrecks for snorkeling. One more thing: this place has some of the coolest, friendliest beach bars and cafes anywhere on the planet.

Day trip: You take off from Provo at sunrise in a small plane heading east for Salt Cay and fly over the Turks & Caicos archipelago of virtually untouched islands. You land at the tiny airport where long time resident, Debbie Manos, will welcome you. She runs Salt Cay Divers, is a certified boat captain, whale watcher naturalist, and PADI scuba instructor. She knows everybody and every spot on this island and the surrounding sea.

If it’s whale watching season (February through March), a certified captain and one or more whale watching expert will take you out on one of the Salt Cay Divers fleet of boats to try to get a good look at these whales while respecting their needs. With these pros, there is a good chance you’ll see whales, but please understand that there can be no guarantees.

Outside the whale watching season, Salt Cay offers unmatched serenity with its slow pace of life. Wild donkeys and farm animals roam through the near empty streets of the old town. The beaches are as gorgeous and practically empty. We can have a golf cart waiting for you when you arrive or arrange for a fully guided tour. The island is just 2 1/2 square miles, and there is never a rush.

Salt Cay has incredibly clear water and excellent marine life with beautiful coral. April is mating season for nurse sharks and in July there is a high concentration of manta and eagle rays that you can get very close to. If that is not enough, you can check out the unsalvaged 18th century British warship, the HMS Endymion, that sank in 1790 in less than 40 ft of water after hitting a reef. Special interest in birds? Great Sand Cay where some 100 species of birds migrate to every year. No shortage of fantastic nature sights any time of the year.

What to Bring: Swim suit, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen (reef safe), light jacket in winter months (just in case it gets chilly), extra T-shirt, towel

Cost for Day Trip during whale watching season 31 January thru 31 March: Includes R/T flights from Provo to Salt Cay, transfers on Provo & Salt Cay, whale watching boat ( about 3 hrs), lunch at local bar and grill. $429, which includes government tax

Cost for Day Trip outside whale watching season Includes R/T flights from Provo to Salt Cay, meet and greet on Salt Cay, golf cart, lunch at local bar and grill. (Boat, snorkeling, scuba trips can be separately arranged.) $299, which includes government tax.

NOTE: We can also arrange Multiple Day Trip with lodging: See Accommodations below or Hotel Package link.

Essentials: Bring swimsuit, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen (reef safe), light jacket for winter months just in case it gets a little chilly in the evenings during the winter months.

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