February 2018
Great season for Caicu Naniki Vacation Adventures with North and Middle Caicos tours, swim lessons, and stand-up paddle board rentals. Love helping wonderful guests. We are particularly proud of our all-5 Star Trip Advisor ratings. Of course, fabulous beaches with mesmerizing turquoise water can make anyone’s vacation. But we like to be the ones who give that extra WOW with comments like “Look at this spectacular hidden beach on Middle Caicos,” or “This is the best seafood lunch I have every had,” or “Hey, I never thought I could swim this well after just one hour of instruction.”

We are taking the years of experience we have spent in the Turks & Caicos and the Caribbean generally to help people who want to LIVE this tropical lifestyle. So many times we’ve gotten the question, “So, how do you make the move to be here year around?” Drawing on the expertise of having done that and shared our insights with others, we are ready to provide the critical guidance to realize a dream. And we do it by frankly discussing the pros and cons of living here, the best places to live according to client desires and budget, the true costs, the bureaucratic nuances to get the right permits, and what to expect. Ben Stubenberg, Co-Founder, wrote a detailed article on Living the Dream in the magazine Times of the Islands. Here’s the link: http://www.timespub.tc/2017/03/living-the-dream/  When our clients are ready, we refer our guests to the right professionals whom we have come to trust. It doesn’t have to remain just a dream. Talk to us. It can happen. For more info, go to our Living on Provo tab.

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